CPL Class Schedule
Heated indoor range

June 19, 2021 (seats avail)
August 7, 2021
August 21, 2021

We supply snacks, beverages, lunch and all course materials. Handgun rentals with ammo are $25
All Dates Saturday unless noted
 or Private Group Class
We are observing Social Distancing and other cleaning protocols, necessary to maintan a safe environment for our students. 


Or call us for a weekday class
7:45 AM- 4:00 PM (Approx)
616-636-5523 ($125)
Food, snacks, beverages, lunch provided
gun rental and ammo or bring your own
Handgun rentals available with ammo, just $25

Advanced Course ECPL
(1) Day Personal Protection Outside the Home
(2) day Course ($200) 6 person Max.

You'll need at least a 9MM (or rent)
Strong side hip holster
Fanny pack
Purse Holster
You must have a CPL / CCW Class or certificate

Please see all of our courses on line at:


If you have a private training need please give us a call 616-636-5523:

We have a Private (5) position range and our classes never exceed (12) individuals!
We will work with you to make sure that you have the finest pistol training available, as we only use Certified NRA Instructors and MCRGO Instructors, and there is always a Certified Range Safety Officer.  We go above and beyond what is expected, working one on one and making sure that you are safe and efficient with your pistol use and handling.  You'll get to know your fellow students and best of all you will finish in (1) day, all classroom and range activities.  When you receive your NRA Certificate from Sports Layne Firearms Training, you can be confident in your abilities, knowledge and skill!  Welcome and thanks for using us!

Heated Indoor Range
Advanced Active shooter Class
(must have NRA Outside Home Class)
(Not a NRA Class)

*Psychological and physical affects of a gun fight
*Working w/ long Guns ( M4, AR pistol, shotgun)
*Room clearing
*Low light Tactics- day/night
*Multiple attackers
*Body Armor Drills
*Moving and shooting