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From the first contact you are treated like someone special.  We are privileged to have you at our Academy and we want you to experience a satisfying, safe, learning experience.  We strive every class to treat each attendee like an individual and endeavor to address them like it's the first person we've ever trained in class.
You can expect a Professional, Safe, Confidence Building environment, with Gun rentals and Gun Sales available. Shown below are some of our Attendees
6/2021-Learning I was left eye dominant

6/2021-Learned a lot about legal issues, learned about gun safety, Great Instructor, Kept interesting & educational

6/2021-Lots of information, very informative, very patient instructor, Very nice lunch

6/2021-The attention to detail, courtesy

6/2021-Everything (Liked Most)

6/2021-Patience during shooting, very personable, Reasonable Price, Small Group

6/2021-Very informational & professional

5/2021-very educational

5/2021-(liked) shooting range

5/2021-(liked) the friendly atmosphere

5/2021-(liked the) range

5/2021-I liked how much material we went over

5/2021-Tim was a great instructor, He helped and I learned a lot.

4/2021-Very fun and knowledgeable class. Instructor was fun and very into the training. 

4/2021-Very informative + (liked) shooting

4/2021-I learned so much more from this class than I ever thought I would!

4/2021-Tim was very personable and (I) loved the smaller class setting. Thank You! I hope to be back for more training:)

3/2021-Very articulate, informative, very much inclusive, beginner to expert

3/2021-Professional & knowledgeable instructor.  Useful & practical information

3/2021-(Liked) Building (my) confidence, very informative, professional

3/2021-Very educational & moved right along

3/2021- (Liked) Everything! Very Kind

3/2021-Very nice range setup, Everything explained in depth and any and all questions answered.

3/2021-How friendly and at home it felt.

3/2021-The smaller class size was great for learning environment. Very helpful and knowledgeable

3/2021- Instructor making it fun

3/2021- Laid back and informative

3/2021- It was a fun class to take.  The instructor was great!

3/2021-Instructor make it fun and enjoyable

3/2021-Heated indoor range!!

2/2021-Thorough, excellent, clear info

2/2021-(enjoyed) firing the guns

2/2021-It was very informative

2/2021-Learning more about everything and shooting was fun

2/2021-Solid Instructions and patience

2/2021-I enjoyed the environment of learning.  The class was taught very well by a kind Christian family. My favorite part of taking this class is being able to get my CPL now!

2/2021-Tim did a great job, enjoyed the class and his wife made a great lunch. God Bless you both.

2/2021-Tim was very personable-informed & educated appropriately & ethically.  Thorough and made it fun, but w/level of seriousness with necessary.

2/2021-Uplifting environment & great instructor

2/2021-Very well informed, shooting with instruction was great, size of class was nice and small

2/2021-Liked the knowledge of the instructor

2/2021-Great Instructor, very patient with me

2/2021-I would recommend to anyone

1/2021-Great instructor and Great food.

1/2021-(enjoyed) the range section of class

1/2021-Very informative, it went at a good pace.

1/2021-Moving around, interactive, fun

1/2021-Very knowledgeable and professional

1/2021-I enjoyed the shooting range time and rehearsing the shooting skills

1/2021-I liked how much the instructor truly wanted everyone to both pass & learn to be safe with guns.

1/2021-The way Tim instructed, excellent! Liked the range activities.

1/2021-Instructor was a good speaker

1/2021-The Instruction

1/2021-Very knowledgeable and nice couple.  Only good.

1/2021- Tim is very patient and makes sure we understood everything.


1/2021- I learned more in this class than I did 9 years ago.

1/2021-It was super easy to follow and extremely helpful for myself being very new to shooting.  Love the Christian influence as well. God Bless you!

1/2021-Wonderful people with a gift for teaching.  Will have 2 more family members attend, Highly Recommended

1/2021-Hands on instruction

1/2021-Kind, friendly, love that husband & wife work together. Wonderful lunch. Very knowledgeable.

1/2021-The instructor was very professional and made sure everyone had a firm understanding.

1/2021-Instructor explained material in a clear manner.  Instructor also made class interesting and fun.

1/2021-Great involvement, getting everyone to used to guns.

1/2021-rapid fire

1/2021-upbeat and factual, great class.

1/2021-rapid fire at the range

1/2021-Meeting new people and learing to use and handle a gun

1/2021-How Tim keeps going over things so we got it.  Very encouraging.  Lunch was Great!

1/2021-Shooting, instructor was very informative

1/2021-Very Well Done

1/2021-Very laid back, fun

1/2021-Tim & his wife(Lori) were amazing. Very informative, love the hands on. (change nothing) Absolutely amazing class

1/2021-Helpful in real-life tips and tricks, clearly explained all instructions and safety tips

1/2021-(Liked) Instructor, environment

1/2021-Fun, informative, professional, Delicious lunch!!  Thank You

12/2020-Very informative

12/2020-the infor was great, great instructor

12/2020-Information and the shooting

12/2020-Very informative

12/2020- Tim (instructor) was very knowledgeable.  The range was awesome and the lunch was very good! Thanks for your hospitality.

12/2020-Great instructor, friendly, fun, very smart and wise.

12/2020-Very good class well taught

12/2020-I enjoyed the knowledgeability of the instructor and his interaction with the class.

12/2020-The instructor Tim was great, relatable & knowledgeable, very friendly

12/2020-Tim (instructor) was the most information you can get

12/2020-It was interactive and descriptive

12/2020-Very helpful & thorough

12/2020-Very helpful. I really enjoyed the class. Very happy.

12/2020-Instructor (Tim) was very formative.  Great Class

12/2020-Very informative, small classw/comfortable setting, very patient during range time.

12/2020-Very relaxed atmosphere and great information.  P.S. Good Food!  Time flew by.

12/2020-The Shooting activities.  Tim was very patient & helpful teaching me to shoot as it's been a while

12/2020-Range Time

12/2020-Quite informative.  Tim is extremely knowlegeable and presented the data in an easy to understand format

12/2020-the hands on, and the time put into it

12/2020- Very thorough, down to earth

10/2020-learning about Michigan Law (most beneficial)

10/2020-Good instruction (most beneficial)

10/2020-Firing and the review of materials (most beneficial)

10/2020-the exercises and shooting practice (most beneficial)

10/2020-The shooting (most beneficial)

10/2020-Very informative & entertaining. Thank You! Great Food!!

10/2020-It was very educational and worth taking (Most beneficial)

10/2020-learning about the different laws and procedures (Most beneficial)

10/2020-law info and target practice (most beneficial)

10/2020-All the professional help I had during the class, very very helpful!

10/2020-G0od content + well done

10/2020- a lot of good information

10/2020-class was interesting and not boring at all


10/2020-Food was great! Shooting is always a good time, Instructor was informing and entertaining.

10/2020-Instructor kept it interesting

10/2020-Instructor was excellent

10/2020-Excellent Instructor Great Food

10/2020-Everything, Tim was Great! It was fun and lunch was delicious! Would Recommend this class *******

10/2020-Very good class-informative-instructor was excellent

10/2020-Actual examples & stories of real events

10/2020-Very informative, very patient instruction

10/2020-He (Tim) was clear & patient, Very informative.  Encouraging

10/2020-Encouragement on shooting

10/2020-Great information.  Tim was professional, patient, helpful and informative, excellent.

10/2020-Very informative. Helped everyone and very patient

10/2020-very patient

10/2020-very instructive

10/2020-the shooting range

10/2020-knowledge of the instructor

10/2020-the rapid fire made me feel more comfortable

10/2020-instructor was veryy patient with us and gave us the right information needed for this class

9/2020-Instructor took time to explain all rules and was patient in applications

9/2020-Lunch and great indoor range for small groups

9/2020-Shooting and Lunch :))

9/2020-Very professional & thorough
            Great Lunch
            Great teacher

9/2020-Instructor was very good

9/2020-Good and informative

9/2020-Very informative

9/2020-Accessibility, price, very clear and to the point

9/2020-Shooting behind cover and the rapid fire in an emergency situation

8/2020-he was a great instructor

8/2020-interesting  & informative

8/2020-Tim was very knowledgable & thorough answering questions readily

8/2020- the professionalism of the the class and lunch

8/2020-being able to ask questions and be judged.  I felt very comfortable.  Thank You!

8/2020-Very informative, well presented

8/2020-Very well presented, thought everything was well explained & helped with a hand out.  No concerns with any part of it.  Very well done.

8/2020-Presentation Style (was good) and knowledge of instructor.  Casual setting not a classroom feel.

8/2020-(most beneficial) Information & Shooting

8/2020-The easy pace & the friendly face:))

8/2020-Shooting & Education (most beneficial)

8/2020-(most beneficial) High Speed Shooting

8/2020-Information explained well.  Instructor is very knowledgeable. Well run facility.

8/2020-Laid back, non pushy, Very understanding, Very informative

8/2020-Very well presented

8/2020-(Most Beneficial) Practicing shooting

8/2020-Very good class, would recommend

8/2020-Instructor was very professional and conveyed the information well

8/2020-(Most Beneificial) Tim and his wife's amazing food

8/2020-First Class!

8/2020-Tim (Instructor) was very patient

8/2020-It was a fun learning experience. I feel much more confident using my firearm.

8/2020-Excellent Instruction, less nerves when shooting, thanks to clear and thoughtful instructions.

7/2020-(Like Most) Relaxed environment, made easy to learn, fun time. learned alot Thank You :)

7/2020-(Like Most) Knowledge, confidence builder, patient

7/2020-The information and How it was presented, was very good & easy to retain.

7/2020-Hands on learning to apply principles being taught; active engagement from everyone.

7/2020-(Like Most) Engaging-Allowed entire class to participate. (Concern) The video from lawyers went a bit fast and we didn't stop to expand on certain topics.

7/2020-(Like Most) Great for new shooters, very informative, wonderful hospitality.

7/2020-Very Thorough, very nice.

7/2020- Very Thorough

7/2020-(Like Most) Personal attention as needed

7/20-Small class size, did not feel rushed on range

7/20- like the shooting range

7/20-legal aspects and range time

7/20-(Tim) explained the basics, was patient with the learning process

7/20-Very well taught

7/20-Everything was great

7/20-(Like Most) Very professional

7/20-(Like Most)Tim was extremely knowledgable and made the class fun. Also liked how there was inventory available for purchase. Food was great-loved the food.

7/20-(Like most) Easy comprehension & knowledgable instructor!

7/20-(Like most) the instructor

7/20-(Like most) Informative, professional & comprehensive.  Great food & encouragement too!

7/20-(Like Most) made it easy and was very professional, kind, and calming those with their nerves (me) Would recommend this to others.

6/20-(Like Most) The instruction + amount of shooting practice has given me enough confidence to not be afraid of guns. (Concerns (None)

6/20-(Like most) Instructor (Tim) was great & very helpful. (Concerns) None.

6/20-(Like most) I liked that it was smaller, I felt less pressure around people.  It was layed back, so I felt comfortable. (Concerns) None at all.

6/20- (Like most) Very easy to follow and Tim was very good instructor for all skill & knowledge levels. (Concerns) No.

6/2020-(Liked Most) Tim's (instructor) knowledge of firearms and safety.  He is very confident when speaking about firearm topics. Also one day of class and the price. (Concerns) No.

6/2020- (Like most) Pace & clear explanations of each section. Having a handout was very helpful for taking notes. Video of lawyer was informative. Lunch very nice+drinks+snacks appreciated. (Concerns) No, I feel confident I am prepared to handle a gun following all safety & legal requirements.

6/2020-(Like most) sharing stories, ability to ask questions., strict adherence to safety protocols

3/2020- Valuable information about how to carry yourself when carrying concealed, also guided shooting, excellent teachers.


3/2020- Having experience loading and shooting a gun

3/2020-Safe atmosphere
Calm and clear instructions

3/2020-Very informative open conversation as needed, adequate time spent for every topic and question.

3/2020- Very informative, Handled professionally and accommodating to novice users.

2/2020-Informative and Safety Oriented

2/2020-Fun & Informative, Safety Oriented

2/2020-Very Professional, Safety Oriented

2/2020-Very Informative, Instructor very personable, Really enjoyed venue,  very comfortable setting.

1/2020-Concentration on personal protection (important)

1/2020-Tim was personable and knowledgeable

1/2020-I liked the small class size, (and) the instructor could give good personalized feedback.  I think the legal material covered was very important too, and informative.

12/2019-Female-Tim is a very good teacher